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Interior Page/Book Design

Cover Design

Formatting and File Conversion

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Effective interior page design will set your book apart. I'll create a unique and functional design that will enhance your content. Good design is essentially invisible, but it aids the reader in comprehending and enjoying the reading process. Fonts, layout, typography, and design element placement should work with your content, not against it. A well-designed book will endure and will not scream, "self-published."


I guarantee your book will look professional and timeless.

I'll work with you to produce a professional cover for your book. Cover design is often genre-specific and changes with the trends in publishing. It's your most powerful marketing tool, and it should represent your content, fit in with current styles, and reproduce well at different sizes and on different media. In addition, images must be of a high resolution, and the cover file itself must adhere to specific printers and their requirements. I always read the entire book before designing a cover, so that I can learn the intricacies and details.


I'll definitely take into consideration your specific views about the best cover for your baby.

I'm experienced with all phases of file preparation and interchange. I'll style your Word files to work with various ebook (digital) readers as well as fine-tune them to work with Adobe InDesign/PDF for traditional printers. Or, I'll extract your InDesign files to produce an ebook. You'll receive clean files--and instructions--to use in the future.


If you just need someone to verify that your files are properly formatted, I can do that, too.

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